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Spielerzahl: 2-5

Spieldauer: ca. 40 Minuten

Spielsprache: EN

Regeln auf: EN

Altersempfehlung: 14+

Autor: Peter Ridgeway

Verlag: Pandasaurus Games

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Welcome to Wildstyle, where the city is your canvas and the streets belong to the people. Rock to the beat of your favorite pirate radio station while you and your crew tag the city. Make sure your rivals know where their turf ends and where yours begins. Watch out for the man though, because not everyone in the city appreciates your artistic endeavors and they might call the fuzz on you!

Wildstyle is a competitive game for 2-5 players played in real time. Quickly grab the cards you need to claim different districts of the town. As your crew takes over train stations, residential blocks and industrial wastelands, try to complete objectives and maximize your score. This fast and frenetic game is sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages.

Key Features:
  • Dynamic Urban Canvas: Immerse yourself in the vibrant cityscape of Wildstyle, where the streets are your playground, and each district becomes a canvas for your artistic expression.
  • Real-Time Action: Experience the adrenaline rush as Wildstyle unfolds in real time, making every moment crucial. Race against your rivals to grab the cards needed to claim various districts and establish your crew's dominance.
  • Strategic Turf Warfare: Engage in intense turf wars with up to 4 other players as you strategically tag train stations, residential blocks, and industrial wastelands. Skillfully delineate the boundaries between your turf and your rivals' to assert your dominance over the city.
  • Objective-driven Gameplay: Navigate the urban landscape with your crew, aiming to complete dynamic objectives that will not only enhance your street credibility but also maximize your score. Stay one step ahead to outwit your opponents in this fast-paced and competitive game.
  • Beware the Authorities: Keep an eye out for "the man" who may not appreciate your artistic endeavors. Dodge the fuzz and navigate the city's challenges to ensure your crew remains at the top of the graffiti game. Wildstyle is the perfect blend of creativity, strategy, and risk-taking for gamers of all ages.


    5 District Boards
    4 Share Pile Cards
    6 Objective Tiles
    28 Cop Car Tokens
    5 Crew Mats
    90 Crew Tags
    115 Location Cards
    5 Reference Cards

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