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SKYROCKETS - Festivals of Fire

SKYROCKETS - Festivals of Fire

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Spielerzahl: 2-5

Spieldauer: ca. 10 Minuten

Spielsprache: EN

Regeln auf: EN

Altersempfehlung: 10+

Autoren: Charlie McCarron

Verlag: Floodgate Games

Wie der Verlag das Spiel beschreibt

Introducing Skyrockets by Floodgate Games – the thrilling game that brings magical fireworks to life! Transform your summer days with "Magical Recreational Aerial Explosive Devices and You, Volume I." Immerse yourself in the world of Mage Academy as you embark on a journey filled with excitement and danger. Here are the key features that make Skyrockets a must-have for every game enthusiast.

Get ready to light up the skies with Skyrockets – the perfect blend of strategy, teamwork, and magical explosions. Elevate your gaming experience and create unforgettable moments with this enchanting addition to the Floodgate Games collection!

Key Features:
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Skyrockets offers a unique and dynamic gaming experience. Players take turns playing cards and managing sand timers (representing fireworks) to create mesmerizing displays. Keep the excitement alive by advancing along the Countdown Track, but be careful not to let any timers run out – the thrill is in the challenge!
  • Real-Time Festivals: Work collaboratively with your fellow players to conquer 10 Festivals, each presenting 30 unique events. These challenges add a layer of strategy and excitement as you strive to keep the show running in real time. Can you impress the crowds and earn a three-star rating for your awe-inspiring displays?
  • Magical Challenges: Immerse yourself in the magical world inspired by the hit game Kites: Time to Fly. With 30 events that present unique challenges, Skyrockets promises endless entertainment. From spellbinding effects to daring maneuvers, each event pushes you to showcase your skills and creativity.
  • Crowd-Pleasing Displays: The goal of Skyrockets is to captivate the audience with your spectacular displays. Earn a three-star rating by coordinating your moves, mastering the art of timing, and overcoming challenges. Will you be the talk of the town with your awe-inspiring fireworks?
  • Perfect for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a novice, Skyrockets is designed for everyone. With a training session under your belt and the guidance of "Magical Recreational Aerial Explosive Devices and You, Volume I," dive into the magical world of fireworks without fear. What could possibly go wrong with such a thrilling and engaging game?


    60 Fireworks Cards
    30 Event Cards
    6 Sand Timers
    Countdown Track
    3 Crowd Tokens
    Crowd Area
    Start Player Token
    Festival Guide
    Score Pad
    Encore! Event Envelope

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